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Why pay a consultant more than you need to? 

Easyfleetr gives you only what you need.

Choose a better way, without the cost.

Bespoke products from just £19 + vat.


A hassle-free way of buying policies, procedures, risk assessments, books, toolbox talks, audits & driver training

You tell us what you want. We develop your bespoke product


Emphasis on the driver; less words, more impact

Plain English written in a practical way 


Focus on collaboration; what the driver AND company will do


Modify every aspect of your product, offering total flexibility 


Not sector or industry specific; relevant to everyone 


Support by phone, email or social media 

Online and onsite consultations also available 


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A simple test can make all the difference. 

Our new test, created and examined by the experts at Aptidrive, focuses on attention and awareness

We deliver it at your site or place of work, and it takes minutes to complete 

The results can help you identify the learning needs of your drivers 

It can improve your standing with insurers and underwriters

It can help to save lives. 



Understand the risk. Help drivers to improve concentration. 

  1. Reduce employee dropout rates by up to 70%

  2. Improve driver morale by investing in their abilities 

  3. Reduce the risk of all types of accidents and the loss of life or injury

  4. Avoid the ‘hassle factor’ that even small accidents can cause

  5. Use the results to mitigate risk factors and improve your risk management

  6. Reduce your insurance premiums

  7. Improve customer satisfaction and increased reliability

  8. Identify knowledge and learning gaps

  9. Better drivers = less repairs, lower fuel consumption and fewer mistakes

  10. Improved driver morale has a knock on effect with customers and overall performance