Focused on raising and maintaining standards in road transport    

Why pay a consultant more than you need to?  

Easyfleetr gives you only what you need.

Choose a better way, without the cost.

Bespoke products from just £30.


A hassle-free way of buying policies, procedures, risk assessments, books, toolbox talks, audits & driver training

You tell us what you want. We develop your bespoke product


Emphasis on the driver; less words, more impact

Plain English written in a practical way 


Focus on collaboration; what the driver AND the company will do


Modify every aspect of your product, offering total flexibility 


Not sector or industry specific; relevant to everyone 


Support by phone, email or social media 

Online and onsite consultations also available 


Over 20 audit templates already available 


3 subject areas; compliance, health and safety and ethical supply chain


2 ways to use it; print a hard copy or access the live platform 


Audit design

Comprehensive audits for the transport and logistics sector 


Using a cutting edge platform that produces detailed analytics 


Can be used to assess in-company standards or as a quality assurance process

Created by experienced auditors 

Includes guidance and training for your auditors

Based on good practice, not just legal compliance