Standards & Accreditation

Creating good operational standards that are effective and practical is at the heart of what we do when working to improve client performance.


Whether it's efficiency, safety or simply to raise general standards we create policies, systems and practices to improve business and make process leaner.

Good, consistent communication from top to bottom is essential, so we help clients to create a workable, long term structure that delivers collaboration, inclusion and improved morale. 


We can work to existing styles or formats so integration is more easily achieved, or we can build a new approach from the ground up. 

FORS has been a big part of James' working life.  For 12 years he worked to help make FORS the most successful scheme of its type in the UK, first at the Freight Transport Association and later with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. 

Highlights include; 


2009 Co-developed the first PCN toolkit 

2010 – 2014 Managed 40 FORS auditors to maintain standards and quality

2014 Created senior auditor positions to deliver silver and gold audits

2015 Set up a small consultancy (Transformotion) delivering audit support

2015 – 2020 Managed the governance of FORS

2017 Author of Version 4 of the FORS Standard

2018 Created a mentoring programme, connecting accredited gold operators with new companies

2015 – 2020 Engaged stakeholders in working groups, events and webinars

2020 Created Easyfleetr to provide simple, effective tools and support to gain and maintain FORS accreditation

We now support the scheme as a FORS Associate, through the Easyfleetr brand. 

We have the experience and knowhow to create accreditation schemes for companies and authorities who want to improve safety, reduce emissions or develop efficiencies. 

The benefits of creating a regional or national accreditation scheme are clear, but how to get there is less clear. We can help you to engage stakeholders or users, help explain the benefits and rationale, develop a sustainable cost structure and monetise a scheme to recover the initial investment or create surplus. 

If you're an authority or public body looking to save money by reducing the number of road accidents or if you want to meet targets for CO2 reduction in urban areas, we can work with you to meet your objectives. 

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