Easyfleetr gives you only what you need.

Choose a better way, without the cost.

Bespoke products from just £19 + vat.

Why pay a consultant more than you need to? 

A hassle-free way of buying policies, procedures, risk assessments, books, toolbox talks, audits & driver training

You tell me what you want. I develop your bespoke product


Emphasis on the driver; less words, more impact

Plain English written in a practical way 


Focus on collaboration; what the driver AND company will do


Modify every aspect of your product, offering total flexibility 


Not sector or industry specific; relevant to everyone 


Support by phone, email or social media 

Online and onsite consultations also available 

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A pilot to develop road safety standards for light vehicles

Focused on Goods (self employed couriers) & Passenger (minibus)

Not-for-profit membership-based programme

Tools, guidance & rewards offered to improve standards 


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An accreditation project for the North American market

Designed for municipal fleet authorities & truck carriers

Built on 3 pillars; safety, efficiency, development 

Aiming to improve road safety in line with FMCSA rules

A practical assessment to a defined set of standards