"Can we tap into tech to create more flexible driver training?"

A 3 year project that began in March 2022

Creating a virtual classroom concept and curriculum for driver CPC training

Developing “GameTrain”, a train-the-trainer module enabling trainers to plan, organise, implement and evaluate innovative, inclusive, gamified and engaging VC-based training

Producing an online pool of resources targeted at trainers, giving them high-quality, relevant, affordable and GDPR-compatible tools, methods, instructions and resources for gamified VC-based training

Creating information to use project results within and beyond the sector, including guidelines for sustainable exploitation of the project by integrating approaches to virtual learning into regulation, addressing points such as regulatory and recognition-related issues


gaming drv

Steer to Career DRV.png

steer to career drv


"What will drivers do next?"

A project designed to explore the impact of level 4/5 vehicle autonomy on truck and bus driver jobs

Curriculum design based on evolving the driver's role 

Training programmes to inform developers of objectives, learning outcomes and methodology 

A career pathway to demonstrate the practical steps towards a different job within the sector 

Guidance for implementing change and preparing for the future

Part of the Zenzic CAM creators' network - zenzic.io/roadmap/ 

"What qualifications will drivers need?"

Exploring the role of professional drivers and their qualification requirements in 2030 and beyond

A profile describing the professional driver, their future role and the related knowledge, skills and competences within the 4th industrial revolution

Innovative training packages that support the current workforce to keep up with the changing and increasing qualification requirements

A timeline that charts trends and innovations and recognises the connection to the qualification requirements for drivers

Recommendations for different stakeholders such as social partners and VET providers, with suggestions on how to prepare professional drivers for future requirements


future drv


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"What digital skills will drivers require?"

Preparing professional drivers for a more computer-based learning experience

Review of the existing qualification framework, with recommendations for change 

Investigated requirements on technology-supported training for professional drivers

Developed quality standards for introducing and using technology 

Two pilot training modules for simulator and media-supported work-based learning

Recommendations to implement blended and distance learning using smart phones, tablets and simulators 

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"I've been working with James for over a decade now, and when I reflect on the various European projects we've collaborated on, the first thing that comes to mind is that James has a keen understanding of all the challenges and opportunities facing the transport and logistics sectors, especially in this era of intense technological enhancements.

I have been fortunate enough to work under James’ guidance in projects coordinated by Transformotion, where James has always been able to blend quality, rigorousness and effectiveness with an open-minded collaborative approach"

Moncef Semichi
Deputy Director

Department of Studies and Projects,

AFT DEV Transport and Logistics, France