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"At last… training has been dragged kicking & screaming into the 21st century with this remarkable package that enables fleet drivers to experience the highways network from a vulnerable user viewpoint, while remaining in the safety & controlled learning environment of the classroom."

Dave Conway

Quality & Environmental Manager, FM Conway Ltd

A 7 hour interactive safe motorway driving course designed to improve driver awareness & highlight common misunderstandings


360-degree immersive experience; drivers use virtual reality (VR) headsets & experience POV eye tracking

Covers speed limits, hazard perception, navigating roadworks, joining & leaving the motorway, the impact of weather on high speed driving & continental driving 

Safe Motorway 

Safe Urban 

Vehicle mounted 360 cameras

Offside / nearside door and helmet mounted cameras 

Reveals blind spot not seen from the cab

Drivers experience on-bike and in-vehicle view

Added audio helps to enhance the experience 

Driver walkaround checks

Eye-tracking for vehicle defect walkaround checks 

Reveals whether the driver is checking all points of the vehicle 

Improves process and reinforces road safety 

Analysis can be used in training to encourage good practice

Take your pick!  

Choose a bespoke solution, a subscription service or consortium membership.


Ideal if you have JAUPT centre approval, don't need it or want an in-house solution.

What do I get?

Two immersive 7 hour JAUPT-ready Driver CPC training modules for the classroom

Presentation material 
Training instructor notes 
Guides and instructions on how to use the courses 
Access to the anet360 learning management platform
Access to the anet360 smartphone app
30 minute onboarding session
Tech support 
30-200 credits (depending on the chosen package)
Up to 100 complimentary driver eyesight tests, provided by Thomson Screening 
3, 6 or 12 month subscription available

Do I need anything else?

To provide the best experience you'll need VR headsets, available to buy or rent from just £5; just tell us how many you need 


Perfect if you don't have JAUPT centre approval, want an all-in-one price or need support along the way. 

What do I get?

Everything in the subscription service, PLUS...

15 reusable VR headsets
A one day train-the-trainer session onsite or online 
12 months' JAUPT approval for all courses
24 hours' tech support over 12 months 
24 hours' admin support over 12 months
Driver upload admin for up to 200 drivers 
100 membership-branded pads and pens 
Assistance with advertising 
Social media engagement 

Do I need anything else?

You'll need to confirm that your training instructors have the skills and experience to deliver driver training, but that's it! 

What does it cost?

From just £9.99 per driver per course




3 month subscription

6 month subscription

12 month subscription

30 driver credits

60 driver credits

200 driver credits

£450 + vat

£720 + vat

£1998 + vat

What does it cost?

Just £16 per driver per course


12 month membership

(including 200 driver credits and 15 VR headsets)

*£3200 + vat

*the fee does not include driver uploads to DVSA, which will be recharged to you at cost

don't risk it.

Your reputation is everything.


Deliver something different from everyone else.

Banish the graveyard shift forever.