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Next gen Driver CPC.

Delivered by you.

Stay one step ahead.


Only *£18.65 per driver per course

*Based on the two course package


3 virtual reality courses offered in 2022 


Train 100 drivers with basic membership

So, why join? 

Up-to-date content from road transport industry developers

Cutting edge tech used safely within a classroom setting

High quality experience helps drivers retain the information 

No development costs. No centre approval fee. No course approval fee 

Work with other members to develop your business 

What's included?

  • 20 reusable virtual reality headsets 

  • 100 membership-branded writing pads & pens

  • A one day train-the-trainer session at your site or premises

  • Driver upload administration 

  • 12 months' access to the anet360 learning platform

  • 12 months' access to the anet360 smartphone app

  • 12 months' approval to deliver JAUPT / DVSA approved Driver CPC training

  • 24 hours' technical support over 12 months

  • 24 hours' admin support over 12 months

  • A monthly newsletter with updates & opportunities

  • Social media engagement 

  • Assistance with advertising 

Who runs the membership?  

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/ Membership admin & management 

/ Content development, management & updates

/ Website

/ Marketing 

/ Helpline (membership & content)


/ Software development

/ VR Headsets & App management 

/ LMS Platform 

/ Trainer & driver upload records 

/ Train-the-trainer courses

Your reputation is everything.


Deliver something different from everyone else.

Banish the graveyard shift forever. 

don't risk it.