Admin+ T's and C's

1. Transformotion Limited will deliver the service selected on the website

2. The scope of the work will be agreed with the customer before the service starts 

3. The service is charged on a monthly basis 

4. Price is per site or depot 

5. The contract term is 12 months for each service

6. Additional services can be added at any time

7. Transformotion Limited will deliver the service with due care and attention

8. Any deviation from the scope of the work must be agreed in writing between both parties

9. Transformotion Limited will maintain professional indemnity insurance 

10. Customers can cancel the service at any time

11. No refund will be issued for early cancellation by customers 

12. Transformotion Limited will inform the customer of service expiry 30 days before the anniversary date

13. Customers have a right to complain. Complaints will be discussed, investigated and resolved to the satisfaction of both parties

By ticking the T’s and C’s box on the service page you agree to be bound by these terms