We develop audit content for a range of subjects, based on compliance, health and safety and ethical supply chain.

Our content is created using industry best practice and is designed for people to use as a way of assessing in-company standards through independently developed content. 

If you're short of time or you don't have people in place we can deliver our audits, keeping to socially distanced guidelines of course. 


Cases of modern slavery are increasing, and in the coming years companies in the supply chain will be expected to do more than just put up a statement on their website. 


Suppliers will need to be prepared for potential changes to legislation or expectations from their tier 1 or tier 2 customer, so to help prepare we've created a comprehensive 105 point audit.


Using the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and aligned to the Ethical Trading Initiative Code, our audit roots out problems in a factory, warehouse or farm setting and helps to protect worker wellbeing, reputation and supply chain robustness.


It can be adapted to meet regional or national laws without losing the important elements. 

While our audit is designed for in-company use, we can also deliver the audit. We provide detailed analytics and a report to summarise the findings, giving company owners and senior managers a transparent picture of modern slavery in their business or supply chain.


Consider the disruption and effect if one of your suppliers was found to be guilty of slavery... 

Our compliance and health and safety audits help to identify areas of weakness relating to laws and regulations, and potential hazards that need to be addressed.


Our templates can be adapted to any legislation without the need for a ground-up solution, which saves you time and money. 

We've based are audits on the latest legislation and good industry practice, and we review each one at least once a year to make sure it remains relevant. 

Our audits include; 

  • Operator licence compliance 

  • Drivers' Hours and Working Time

  • FORS accreditation checklist 

  • Vehicle maintenance standards

  • Dangerous Goods 

  • Workshop safety 

  • Site and pedestrian safety 

  • Loading and carrying goods safely 

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