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Our services are provided as a monthly subscription on a 12 month contract. You can add a service whenever you need it.


If you have questions, call us on 0800 133 7110. Prices excluding VAT. 

1. Recording hours & courses
2. Creating & maintaining professional development plan
3. Monitoring deadlines
4. Sourcing a training provider
5. Exploring options
6. Managing in-house approval

£99 pm 



1. Setting up & maintaining risk-based licence checks
2. Direct access to DVLA database 
3. Creating & recording driver declarations
4. Delivering pre-employment checks
4. Delivering checks at least every 6 months
5. Flagging up points & endorsements

£99 pm 


driver licence checks

1. Planning & recording checks
2. Setting standards
3. Notifying drivers
4. Reporting results
5. Producing recommendatations
6. Aligning with contract obligations

£49 pm 


driver eyesight checks

Now on Sale

1. Monitoring compliance with industry / commercial accreditations
2. Recording & planning around key dates
3. Ensuring measures are completed within time limits
4. Analysing performance 
5. Writing & preparing evidence as part of an application
6. Issuing policy guidance

£129 pm 


accreditation support

1. Monitoring legal compliance
2. Recording & planning medicals
3. Issuing policy guidance
4. Checking DVSA records
5. Monthly reporting 

£79 pm 


driver medical checks

1. Recording complaints
2. Investigating the cause
3. Liasing with the person making the complaint
4. Producing driver report forms
5. Issusing policy guidance
6. Making recommendations

£79 pm 



If you have a particular service in mind let us know; we can develop a bespoke option to meet your circumstances. 

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